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In 1983, we started our textile journey with Hilal İpek in Bursa on the historical Silk Road and continued with our production of ladies' fabrics, home textile curtains and tablecloths. With the fabrics we produced with natural fibers in the scarf and shawl sector, we brought a new breath with the products. We have developed a new brand and design in the shawl sector since 1995, and we say BURSA DOLAMA. All were recognized in Turkey. BURSA NOT wrap products we manufacture from natural fibers, our product design registered in 2008 in Turkey and we have to sell all over the world in many countries. Cotton, viscose, viscose, silk, we used the most frequently used yarns. We reflected the nature of nature to fabrics and products. Quality is uncontrollable, we say touch. We said quality first, we said respect for the country. As Gülzade Tekstil our quality journey is with new trends and new brands; Shaless Home, Shaless Man, Shaless Baby, Shaless Accessory will continue.


Bursa was the pride of our company in 1983 with the products it has developed in the textile sector. With the variety of wool we produced with natural fibers in 1998, we brought a new breath to the sector. Vizkoz, flush, silk, cotton with the branches, foulard, the way of a new brand opened. In 2008, we gave the name of the charity BURSA DOLAMA which belonged to our design trademark. Turkey has seen in a short time in each yter accepted. Bursa Dolama of the classic that we produce with natural fibers, edge band, we were not only in Turkey with our pinstripe pattern makes exports to many countries of the world. Bursa Dolma has become the most beautiful souvenir product of Bursa. New designs and models Dolama our Bursa Bursa and Turkey will be justifiably proud.

Touched in Bursa, painted in Bursa, prepared in Bursa.


Since 1983, our company, which produces quality, continues its brand journey with the name of Şaless. Şaless Home, Shaless Man for men, Şaless Man for boys and Şaless Baby for babies will be the new names for the products we offer to our valued customers. We reflected all the beauties of nature to Shaless. He will always be with you with the elegance of a butterfly. Şaless is a Gülzade Textile brand.

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